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Welcome to my Life Coaching in Education Blog!

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Welcome to my blog all about different ways to coach yourself, your colleages, and your students!

I love TED Talks, an extraordinary compilation of lectures given by some of the world’s most foremost thinkers, artists, athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, and scientists¬†of our time. So many of the talks are relevant to inspiration, success, and reaching one’s potential -the perfect stimulus for a discussion on life coaching in education!

Here is an inspirational lecture by UCLA basketball coach and educator John Wooden who talks about his meaning of success as it relates to educating his students and athletes. He recites a poem, excerpted as follows:

“No written word. No Spoken plea. Can teach our youth what the should be.

Nor all the books, on all the shelves. It’s what the teachers are themselves.

For those of you in the Life Coaching Course Level I (www.lifecoaching.pbworks.com), please complete the following assignment and post here (for other visitors to engage in (optional), and in the category “Responses to Wooden: Teacher Character” on the sidebar.

Assignment: Consider the poem above. Do you think character is an important qualification for teaching? ¬†How about patience, the apex of Wooden’s triangle? Include one educational experience you have had that illustrates your response to these questions.

Remember to submit your assignment as a shared post under Category “Responses to Wooden: Teacher Character”, and optionally to here if you want to share with the community.

TEDTalks: Educator and Coach John Wooden on Success

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